Till now, we have progressed to a mountainous level of success Our members and our constant hard work in providing our players the best Minecraft server experience have proved worth it. The Average number of players has increased significantly while the discord network has never seen such fluidified increase.

You can buy ranks from our shops and enjoy the premium experience our server endows. Moreover, you can also join the staff/admin ranks by filling up the form in our applications and enlist yourself as one of this developing Team. Thank you

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GreenSide Pr – 5$/mo

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What is MyHabitat?

Myhabitat was first started as a minecraft roleplay server in February 2018, The server didn’t get attention for some months until it was dead. After a few months it revived again and on August 2020 Myhabi…

Discord Server Rules

GreenSide Discord has a variety of rules to keep the server safe. 1. Be respectful You must respect all users, regardless of your liking towards them. Treat others the way you want to be treated. 2. Use of Explicit Language

What is a Blacklisted Participant?

If you have applied to join our team and got denied for BlackListed Participant it means you are blacklisted or associated with a blacklisted/banned organisation . Why Am I …

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